8|10 - 9|10 Tobias and the Snow Tear / Tobias en de traan van sneeuw (TTT)

Tellers, Tales and Tradition by Shonaleigh




€.150,00 | 2 days 10.00-16.30 hrs, drinks & lunch included|

Live event in Zwolle, Netherlands - Venue address Burgemeester Drijbersingel 25 in Zwolle

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For English, see below 

Grijp je kans en koop vandaag je kaartje voor een nieuwe editie van Tellers, Tales and Tradition in Zwolle! Je hoeft er niet voor naar Engeland dit keer. De Engelse vertelster en traditiebewaarster Shonaleigh vertelt je de verhalen van Tobias en de traan van sneeuw. Luister naar verhalen op de manier zoals het honderden jaren geleden in de joodse gemeenschappen ook gebeurde, en ervaar hoe verhalen in elkaar worden geweven tot een duizelingwekkend web, een tapijt, van verhalen in verhalen in verhalen. Shonaleigh is waarschijnlijk de enige nog levende 'Drut'syla', joodse verhalenbewaarster in de vrouwelijke lijn. Ze reist de hele wereld over om haar verhalen niet verloren te laten gaan. 


Tobias en de traan van sneeuw 

“Uit de duisternis stapte de vuurwolf; een wezen gevormd uit de ziel van iemand die zo erg had gezondigd tegen de mensheid, dat hij gedoemd was om in de vorm van een wolf door de wereld te lopen. Tobias staalde zijn ziel en keek op. De Vuurwolf vernietigde hem niet, maar offerde zichzelf op in de sneeuw voordat hij Tobias kon aanvliegen. Dit is het verhaal van geitenhoeder, echtgenoot en vader Tobias die de wereld in trekt om recht te zetten wat scheef ging, en om om vergiffenis te smeken bij de slachtoffers van de vuurwolf.” 



Immerse yourself in the Drut'syla Tradition. Two days of storytelling, larded with break out sessions, chats and talks about the tradition and the stories and where they lead us. On day 1 there is the opportunity to have an informal Q & A over a joint dinner.


About Tobias and the Snow Tear 

"From the darkness came the Firewolf, a creature formed from the soul of one who has sinned so utterly against humanity that they are doomed to walk the world in this form. Tobias steeled himself to face this foe, but the Firewolf did not destroy him; rather the Firewolf sacrificed itself for another. As it died, a snow tear fell from its eye and as Tobias lifted it he saw, within its glowing depths, the echoes of all the wrongs that soul had wrought upon the world. The only way the soul would be redeemed is if each of those it had wronged were to forgive what it had done. Tobias owed the Firewolf a debt; he took the tear and walked into the world.

This is the story of Tobias – a goatherd, husband and father – as he seeks to right the wrongs that brought the Firewolf into the world. Join Shonaleigh to hear the incredible story of his journey for redemption and the nature of forgiveness."


About Shonaleigh  

Shonaleigh is one of Europe’s leading storytellers. Having learned the Drut’syla tradition from the age of four, she carries thousands of oral stories from the Jewish tradition and shares their magic, mystery and wisdom with audiences around the world. She is a living tradition holder. “You hear people talking about the storytelling revival, but in Jewish culture it never died. I lived and breathed the tales during my childhood, unaware that this was anything unusual.”


About Tellers, Tales and Tradition 

These two day TTT-sessions are a magnificent chance to get to know this oral tradition that flourished during a vast amount of years in the ‘Low Countries’. Production House The Storyboat offers the complete cycles of the Drut’syla tradition to audiences in and around The Netherlands every spring and fall in the city of Zwolle. More information about the tradition 


Two Day Program 


Day 1

10.00 - 10.30 walk in with coffee and tea

10.30 - 16.30 telling, lunch break included

17.00 - 20.00 optional: informal Q&A over a joint dinner (own costs)

Day 2

10.00 - 10.30 walk in with coffee and tea

10.30 - 16.30 telling, lunch break included